Beloved Salcedohnons!

“An Padayon nga sakripisyo pondasyon para han sustenable nga progreso hitn aton bungto.” (Continued sacrifice is the foundation of the Municipality’s sustainable development)

For the past years this theme and the word sacrifice has always been the highlight in our every Foundation Day Celebration. This is to emphasize that as a Local Government Unit and as mandated under the Local Government Code, we have to deliver relevant services for the general welfare. With the many innovations in policies, threats from all kinds of disasters and emerging disease such as Covid -19, LGU’s has to sacrifice in order to meet the demands of the incoming generations and to catch up for missed opportunities. We cannot sit down and wait for the silver lining. We have to work for it. We have to work day and night, and grab whatever opportunities is before us, all for the realization of our preferred reality. It may not happen during our lifetime but history will tell how we did it and hoping that, when their time comes they will assume the same responsibility, the same sacrifice. Whatever benefits we have right now, we owe it from every Saldonhons regardless of what role they did and how you contributed to achieve it. After all we are all Salcedonhons.

As your Municipal Mayor I have never regrets if I sacrificed so much. I accepted this calling knowing that this is a privilege and not all is given the opportunity to serve. Making the most of the time for the general welfare of the constituent makes my family and me happy, and that is invaluable. There is no value of happiness knowing that you contributed to the development people longed for.

There is more to be done. Sustaining our good governance efforts breed opportunities and these opportunities keeps on coming because we cemented a solid trust from our partners Non-Government Agencies and National Government Agencies in all our development efforts. From the past years the Municipality is a recipient of hundreds of millions worth of hard and soft projects. From road, multi-purpose, evacuation centers infrastructure constructions to housing projects; from DRR resilience to climate change adaptation programs and projects; from education hard and soft components to environmental conservation and protection initiatives; from partnerships to women economic empowerment; from farmers to fishery livelihoods and our efforts fro economic development; from being a pilot municipality of innovative programs in DRR, environment and health to our huge investment for capacity development; we are putting Salcedo in a better position. In fact more is coming. We just pray that we have the energy to absorb the many opportunities that are about to come.

Though our 158th Foundation Day Activities were stalled by the pandemic, we all have the reason to celebrate that in spite of the challenges we always rose from where we fall and move forward. Am sure the founders of our Municipality are very happy how we are handling their legacies. I am proud of being Salcedonhon and will always be.

The Municipality of Salcedo has a lot to thank for. I may not be able to mention you all but I will pray to our almighty that he will bless and shower all of your family and organization with all the energy and resources to always help those in need. Thank you for all your sacrifices.. We cannot do all these without all your help. Thank you for the trust and for being of service to all Salcedonhons now and for the generations to come. To the Local functionaries especially the Sangguniang Bayan Members and the Office of Vice Mayor Fabillar, my heads and all employees thank you. Ahead is work. work, work. Lets do it.

Your Mayor is forever grateful.

Happy 158th Foundation Day!

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