Advisory: Salcedo Reports Clustering of ILI

November 3, 2020


The Municipality of Salcedo LGU has reported clustering of influenza-like illness (ILI). A person with ILI experiences fever, cough, sore throat and body pains which are also symptoms of COVID-19.

As part of our precautionary measure, we advise all residents to refrain from unnecessary travel and gathering pending the investigation by the RHU. Those who have experienced ILI were advised for swab tests and are isolated. As our pre-emptive measure, contact tracing is being done to lessen if not prevent affectation in our Municipality.

Please be advised as well that we do not yet have a confirmed case as a result of this ILI clustering in the municipality. A COVID-19 case is only officially confirmed if tested positive in a PCR test (swab test); the rapid test and the antigen test do not yet confirm the same.

We will keep you updated for any development.

Please stay safe always!


  1. Sr. Lorna S. Fabillar, OP

    Thank you so much for the update…. Praying that we’re all be safer!

  2. Felisa Ramasta Castro

    Damo nga salamat hini nga mahinungdanon nga pahibaro. Dapat siguradoon anay kon tama iton information nga aton nahibabaroan ha gawas.


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