SALCEDO, EASTERN SAMAR – Today, December 5, 2023, Salcedo celebrates the 161 years of history, growth, and resilience of the municipality with the theme, “marig-on nga pagkaurusa ngan pag-uswag”.

Since December 2, 2023 until December 5, 2023, a series of activities were organized to celebrate this remarkable occasion.

On day 1, December 2, 2023, the commemoration starts off with the sports athletic parade then followed by the brief orientation on the rules and regulations of all sports activities.

Sports included in this year are basketball, volleyball, chess, and billiard. The sports were represented by region.

Another highlight of that day was the Joint Agro, Aqua, Eco Trade Fair launch and the opening of food and item bazaar which allows the farmers and fishers to showcase the products they have in their respective barangays.

Day 1 finishes off with the DepEd Cultural Presentations in all elementary school levels in the municipality.

Day 2, December 3, 2023, was highlighted with the Sinaging Making Contest – soft sinaging launching with an aim to recognize and promote Salcedo’s local delicacy to visitors and tourist – something that is distinctive of Salcedo.

The day was finished with the DepEd Cultural Presentations in all high school levels in the municipality.

Sports tournaments, laro ng lahi, Agro, Aqua, Eco Trade Fair, and Food and Item Bazaar continues until the fourth day.

The highlight for the third day, December 4, 2023, was the tree planting activity held at YOCENCA, Naparaan, Salcedo, Eastern Samar.

DepEd teachers, ESSU teachers and staff, fraternity, barangay officials, and LGU employees joined hands in planting the seeds for the greener future of Salcedo.

ESSU Salcedo campus ended the third night with their cultural presentations.

In the morning of the fourth day, thanksgiving mass started the day followed by the general public parade and the day proceeded to the one of the most awaited part of the day – Marching Band Exhibition of elementary and high schools.

The participating schools for the band exhibition this year are Salcedo Central Elementary School, Salcedo Adventist Multi-Grade School, Bagtong Central Elementary School, Salcedo National High School, Naparaan Elementary School, and Salcedo Vocational High School.

The 161st founding anniversary concluded with the Partner’s agencies and LGU night – the night for awarding of certificates, distribution of prizes, and recognition of well-performing individuals, agencies, and associations takes place.

It has been a wonderful and amazing foundation day for the municipality of Salcedo.

-N. Cabus

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