Photo: Local Vaccinees pose for a pictorial after getting their second dose of the Sinovac Vaccine. – F. Daganio

Forty-nine Salcedonhons received their second dose of the Sinovac Vaccine today and now are the first batch of individuals who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in the municipality.

The batch was also the first to be administered by the RHU during the first dose of vaccination last March 30, 2021.

“I was a bit worried that some of the batch will be deferred due to the reactions to the first dose,” said MHO Dra. Campo. “It is a good thing that the first batch is now a hundred percent vaccinated.”

The said batch got fully vaccinated first before the personnel of both the local hospital and the RHU, who got their first dose of the Aztra Zeneca vaccine earlier on March 16, 2021.

This is beacaus the waiting time or interval between the first dose and the second dose for Sinovac is 4 weeks, while that of the Astra Zeneca 12 weeks.

Salcedo has now 648 COVID-19 vaccinated persons, 49 of which are fully vaccinated with the second dose.


Reported side effects

Some vaccinees mentioned that the second dose was more painful than the first dose, although the RHU opined this to be psychological in nature.

Cases of hypertension on both the screening and post-vaccination phases decreased during the vaccination with the second dose.

“The vaccinees this time may tend to focus more on the actual injection, compared to that during the first dose where they focused more on their anxiety regarding the vaccine,” an RHU staff said.

The RHU added that the vaccinees today were less anxious because they already experienced the first dose having very minimal reactions.

With respect to the first dose, most of the vaccinees claimed that they experienced pain on the injection side with few experiencing fatigue and dizziness.

Some vaccinees also claimed that they experienced no side-effect at all.


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