Salcedo Closes Jagnaya Beach Again Amidst Increasing COVID Cases

August 13, 2020


The Tourism Office of Salcedo posted on Facebook last August 7, 2020 that it will once again close the Jagnaya Beach from the public due to increasing COVID cases in the province.

The post translates: “Due to the five new cases in Eastern Samar, we are again disallowing visitors to our beaches. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.”

The decision to close the tourist areas was prompted by the five confirmed cases of COVID last week coming from the towns of Lawaan, Arteche, Llorente, and Gen. Macarthur.

The new cases were all locally stranded individuals from Metro Manila who were among the last batch of beneficiaries of the Balik Probinsiya Program.

According to the Tourism Office, the possibility of re-opening the beaches will depend on the status of active COVID cases in Eastern Samar.

The beaches re-opened last July 25 after four months of quarantine status. However the beach was re-closed on July 31 when a confirmed COVID case at Lawaan emerged. The beach was opened once more on August 6 but was reverted a day after when the said five confirmed COVID cases was announced.


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