Photo: Dra. Rubelle Reyes-Apilado receives the first COVID-19 vaccine in Salcedo, Eastern Samar.

The Municipality of Salcedo formally started its local COVID-19 vaccination, today, at the Salcedo Doctor’s Hospital (SalDoc).

The first batch of the local vaccinees who were injected with the AstraZenica Vaccine were composed of 29 personnel from SalDoc and 7 personnel from the Rural Health unit of Salcedo.

“Actually, it was not what I had expected,” said Dra. Rubelle Reyes-Apilado. “I thought it would be painful or would have an immediate reaction, but it was a tolerable pain and we did not experience any adverse reactions following our immunization.”

The first batch of vaccines, comprising 3 vials, arrived earlier today at the Salcedo Doctor’s Hospital and were immediately rolled out to the intended beneficiaries within a few hours.

The three vials could accommodate 10 to 12 doses and has a temperature requirement of +2 to +8°c.

The AztraZenica Vaccine has a reported efficacy rate of 62% with severe disease viral efficacy rate of a 100% and is to be given to each beneficiary in two doses after an interval period of eight weeks between the first and second doses.

The vaccines were among those delivered from the COVAX Facility to the Philippines and were intended to be given out to the identified vulnerable population pursuant to the national prioritization program for COVID vaccines.

The first groups to be vaccinated according to priority, will be the frontline health workers, the Senior Citizens, the indigent people, and the uniformed personnel.

The intended first batch comprised of the SalDoc Staff with the RHU staff serving as the quick substitution in case of refusal, deferral, or excess doses.

Some of the RHU staff were also vaccinated in Guiuan today who were given excess vaccine doses from the said municipality.


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