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A land rich in natural resources, scenic locales, and friendly smiles. Here, everybody is welcome to be part of the fun – from the captivating coastlines to the creative native crafts, to the unique gastronomic experience, you will find the kind of fun that is uniquely yours.

So we invite you to explore our island and discover that it is truly more fun here in the Salcedo.

Brief History of Salcedo

According to some local sources, Salcedo was originally named “Naga” because of the abundance of Narra trees known to the people as Naga. Salcedo was situated in the midst of a wide fertile plain suited for agriculture with a forest area in the north-western hills which was then and presently an excellent source of sparkling cold water brought down by a river that bisects the town. Other local sources said the place was originally called “Sudao”. “Sudao” or Salcedo was said to be once a part of Guiuan.

However, it became an independent municipality by virtue of a religious decree handed down by then Bishop of Cebu on December 8, 1862 which changed the Visita of San Isidro de Sudao into a town and it was renamed Salcedo in honor of the Spanish Conquestador, Juan de Salcedo. The decree had the following content:

“On this date, I decree the following: In view of the expedient responsibility of erecting the Visita of San Isidro De Sudao into a town with an independent Parish separated from its mother Parish of Guiuan, District of Samar, Visayas Island,as a result of the favorable conditions in the expedients as well as the authorities, the Bishop of Cebu, the Central Economic Administration of the Military and Political Governor of Samar, being in favor of the newly created town with 783 tributes and other government buildings wherein to celebrate the liturgy and the administration of justice, this Supreme Civil Government in conformity with the public assessor hereby erects the “Visita of San Isidro de Sudao”  into a town “Salcedo” by name, independent from the civil and spiritual administration from the Parish of Guiuan in Samar.  Notify all concerned and record this in the archives”.

 On December 8, 1999, during the 137th Foundation Day Celebration, Msgr. Lope C. Robredillo, SThD, in his talk, pointed out that the correct date of the foundation day, based on his research on reliable historical records, was December 5, 1862 instead of December 8, 1862.

The correction was validated when the Sangguniang Bayan enacted and approved Municipal Ordinance No. 01-04, Series of 2001 declaring December 5 of every year as the Foundation Day of Salcedo.  The Ordinance further declared that the Foundation Day is an official local holiday for all government offices including schools within the municipality’s jurisdiction.  Since then, Salcedo celebrates its foundation day on the 5th of December.

About Salcedo

Salcedo is a fifth class municipalitylocated in the province of Eastern Samar. It is situated at coordinates 11 14’ north latitude and 125 34’ to 125 42’ east longtitude. The territory is bounded to the north by the Matarinao Bay, to the west by Quinapondan, to south-east by Mercedes, to the south by the Leyte Gulf and the Pacific Ocean to the east. It is about 92 kilometers southeast of Borongan, the provincial capital, and 17 kilometers northwest of Guiuan, a growth center town in the south of the province. Via south Samar Coastal Road, the municipality is 137 kilometers from Tacloban City, the capital region.

It is composed of fortyone (41) barangays; thirteen (13) of which are poblacion barangays (twenty-four [24] are coastal barangays, two [2] island barangays and fifteen [15] inland barangays). The Municipality has a total area of 113.68 square kilometers which comprises the 2.3 % of the provincial area.


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When is the best time to visit?

Salcedo is open all year round but the best time to visit is during summer.

What are the things to bring?
  • Beach outfit

  • Swimwear

  • Rash guard / Wetsuit

  • Sandals / Slippers

  • Protection from the sun

  • Dry bag

  • Tumbler

  • Camera / Action Cam

  • Trash bag

  • Towels

  • Toiletries

How to get to Salcedo from Metro Manila?

Please contact us for directions tailored to your preferences.

Budget estimate when visiting?


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First 100 Days!

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