Tourism in Salcedo: Islets

Bua-bua Rockcliff

Bua-bua, Salcedo


Rock Formation

The Buabua strait is annually used as the arena for racing motorized boats called “Bangkarera.” It traversed the buabua-buyayawon bridge and the 80 feet buabua rock cliff, ideally for mountain climbing and rappeling.

Minamhay Sandbar

Carapdapan, Salcedo


Sand Bar, Marine Sanctuary

This enchanted white sandbar is embraced with finely stretched-out pure sand, surrounded by the sea. This Islet only appears during low tide as the tide recedes, a glistening sandbar appears and it is still amazingly intact. It’s a mere sandbar but definitely, it will give you an island experience, very perfect for picture taking which seemed to be cast away on an island. The sandbar is a 30 min drive via motorized boat from Poblacion Salcedo and about 10 minutes away from Binabasalan island.

Hambayan White Sand Islet

Matarinao, Salcedo



Hambayan literally means “to hang up”, it is the sea end point of Matarinao Bay area. Hambayan white sands are naturally untouched, and very apt for a sea adventure, picture taking, and island hopping enthusiasts.

Mahaba Mangrove Islet

Bagtong, Salcedo

PHP 150 per cottage

Mangroves, Islet

Experience a resort on an island surrounded by mangrove trees. It has bamboomade boardwalk that connects to the floating cottages.

Binabasalan and Baul Islets

Maliwaliw, Salcedo


Islet, Marine Sanctuary

Binabasalan and Baul are marine protected islands, which lie in the western part of the Municipality of Salcedo, adjacent to Barangay Maliwaliw, and located in the Leyte Gulf. It is surrounded by fine white sand and with lavish coral reefs and diverse sea creatures. It has around 3 hectares of snorkeling and scuba diving. It’s about a 45-minute ride via motorized pump boat from the Poblacion Salcedo.
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